Heat Resisting Stainless Steel Castings

Amsco produces a full range of ASTM-A297 Heat Resistant Stainless Steel Castings which are designed for high temperatures application. Our alloys include HC, HD, HF, HH, HI, HK, HL, HT, HU, HW and HX. Our company is considered one of the most advanced manufacturers of heat resistant components with 50+ years of experience. We also offer a Scrap buy-back program for your used Heat Resisting Castings. These used (scrap) castings can be recycled at our Canadian Foundry in the production of new heat resistant castings. The followings are the industries that we currently serve:

Iron Ore Pelletizing Plant

We are internationally recognized for the fine quality grate bars, sidewalls and pellet cars. We have been manufacturing these castings around the world for decades for both OEM and end users for Iron Ore Pelletizing operations. The followings are the typical products that we produce:

OSB - GTS Plant

The OSB (Oriented Strand Board) Manufacturing Process demands top quality replacements grates for their high temperature applications. Amsco has been producing the complete line of heat resistant stainless steel furnace replacement grates for GTS furnace equipment for years. We supply and carry a full line of GTS Heat Resistant Grates and the following are of the typical castings that we carry:

Co-Generation / Power Plants

The high maintenance concern in a Bio-Mass combustor is the combustion chamber grate replacement. Amsco has developed with Bio-Mass Combustion operators a corrosion and heat resistant steel alloy that improves the Chamber grate life. We can supply a full line of KMW boiler heat resistance replacement castings.

Many power plants depend on Amsco for their replacement heat resistant grates. The followings are some of the Typical grates that we supply:

Cement and Aluminum Plants

For the past decade, we have supplied very high quality Heat Resistaing Castings for Aluminium and Cement Plant operation