AMSCO Cast Products (Canada) Inc., is a well established ultra-modern steel foundry operation located in Selkirk (near Winnipeg), Manitoba with the Corporate Office in Edmonton.

Our Canadian foundry established in 1916, originally known as the Manitoba Steel Foundry. This facility was the first in Western Canada to have an electric arc furnace. During WW II, attention was focused on producing military components such as tank tracks, gun mounts and armour plating. We began operating as AMSCO Cast Products (Canada) Inc. in 1995.

With continuous strategic improvements and equipment upgrades, AMSCO strives to remain in the forefront of the foundry industry and is always ready to meet present world casting requirements. We are fortunate to have at our disposal not only the most up-to-date systems, but also some of the best Research and Development resources available. AMSCO uses the latest in fluid flow modeling software for “Flow Simulation” and Solidification Simulation” to determine how molten metal moves and solidifies in specific casting applications. This helps to improve the quality of our castings.

Over the years, the company has assembled a capable work force of dedicated and experienced people which enables us to continue setting quality standards in the steel industry. For the most part, we work with manufacturers and end users to assist with design and casting pattern development to achieve components that are most cost effective for any given application. Our ISO 9001 Quality Management Program is fully integrated into our production and is actively supervised by our qualified metallurgists and foundry engineers. On-site technical and product development services are available from AMSCO - Edmonton corporate office as well as from our Canadian Selkirk foundry.

Our Canadian foundry employs more than 100 employees and together, we produce a wide range of steel and alloy castings for the following industries: Mining/Excavation, Railway, Mining, Heat Resisting Castings, Iron Ore Pelletizing, Co-Generating/Power-Plants, OSB Plants, Cement Plants, Crusher Components, Scrap Metal Processing and Asphalt/Concrete Recycling.

Our resources and our past accomplishments are merely a prelude to the future. AMSCO utilizes world-wide alliances to provide both the North American and Global markets with products and services that exceed the achievements of our past.